With UV attack points on all lures and a unique 2 tone cloth the Kraken Egi will be noticed by all squid. Perfectly balanced and weighted to glide naturally at a 45 degree angle. While the 2 tow points gives you
the option to change the action of the lure easily and subtly.
1. Use the top tow point – more control over the nose point.
2. Use the nose tow point – more sweeping walk the dog action.


2 Tow points, UV, 45 degree glide


01-Bloody Pilchard, 02-Pearl Prawn, 03-Fire Prawn, 04-Gold Tiger, 05-Cherry Bomb, 06-Green Lantern, 07-Pink Chrome, 08-Pink Fire, 09-Orange Fire, 10-Green Tiger, 11-Saphire, 12-Bright Tiger, 13-Blood Prawn, 14-Pink Glow, 15-Casper, 16-Orange Ghost, 17-Lime Burst, 19-Disco, 20-Night Tiger, 21-Copperhead, 22-Patriot


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