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  • The Curly Vibe has a tight vibrating action combined with an awesome curly tail to give you the best of both worlds; Vibe on the up and curly action on the drop. Combined with Tough TPE material and ultra sharp hooks this lure will be irresistible to nearly all saltwater and freshwater species.

    Size _ 85 mm (3.25″) 
    Standard Weight _ 13 g (1/2 oz)
    Heavy Weight _ 23 g (3/4 oz)

  • The Drunken Mullet combines the best attributes to create multiple actions that fish can’t resist. On the slow retrieve the Drunken Mullet looks like an exhausted fish on its last legs or like it’s just consumed a bottle of rum staggering home from the pub. The unbalanced ‘Pop Tail’ and body segments combine to give it that unique dying/drunk action that will remind you of last Saturday night. As you retrieve it faster the body will turn on its side and the tail will give off that famous slapping noise that fish absolutely love. The DRUNKEN MULLET can be used in many ways with a great water slap and a drunken/dying body wobble that will become another serious weapon in your fishing arsenal.

  • Based on a real FRILL NECK lizard both in looks and action the Frillseeker is as real as it gets. The vibrating frill is sure to grab attention, while the snaking tail and extremely life like body roll will fool any fish into believing there is a lizard on the surface. The extremely durable hardbody of the Frillseeker is more than capable to handle the biggest of fights, frill and tail additions are made from ultra-durable and strong TPE material for strength and action. Fitted with ultra sharp, strong and durable hooks every possible chance is given to the fisherman to maximise their strike rate. Work it slow on the surface, twitch it or add some pace to dive sub surface and get closer to the fish or tempt those more timid fish. The Frillseeker is unique, ultra-life like, durable and a great addition to any fisherman’s tackle box chasing fish that would love to feed on small lizards. Get ready for the Frill of your life.

  • Soft, Supple & Lifelike… it’s all about the feel and swim action on our soft plastics range. Double scented, ribbed, salted and fitted with custom eyes to give you the best of everything.

    The PADDLE BAIT soft plastics feature a unique “Body Wave” design to feel softer and move naturally. The deep ribs will hold scent and give off micro vibrations to attract fish. They will also hold air and release bubbles during the retrieve. A belly slit has been added for weedless rigging if required.


    3″ [8 PCS PER PACK]
    4″ [5PCS PER PACK]

    Technical Info
    SIZES: 3″ and 4″
    TYPE: Soft Plastic Paddle Tail
    ACTION:  Thumping Tail with Body Roll
    FEATURES:  Realistic Ribbed Body, Super Realistic Eyes, Thumping Paddle Tail, Internal and Externally added Salt and Shrimp Scent.
    DEPTH RANGE:  Top to Bottom

  • The PropDuster Glider is a revolution. The added belly blade is simply mesmerizing, not only does it make the lure look alive, it creates water vibration and provides distinct contrast and flash. Its gliding swimbait action can be easily jerked to rotate 180 degrees, walked, or fished as desired to promote that reaction bite. Rigged with 4X BKK hooks, soft and durable fins, custom 3D eyes and a variety of awesome colors to suit all conditions. The lure itself is slow sinking and has a built-in wire loop under the chin so it is easy to add chin weights if a faster sink rate is required. The front hook is fully wired through to the front tow point so big fish will not be able to crush the lure and escape. Drive it like a sports car, or gracefully retrieved, the PropDuster Glider is a unique presentation that will get you more fish action. Available in 5.1”, 6.5” and 7.9”.

  • The Ripple Cicada is s soft and hollow bodied 43mm crawling cicada. The soft body replicates the sound of a cicada when it hits the water, while the fast acting crawling wings kick into gear almost instantly. Rigged with ultra sharp BKK trebles, flexible wings and 7 awesome colours that suit all conditions.


    The Flexi Frog


    Made from ultra-durable, floating TPE material, The Flexi Frog is perfect for skip casting. Pre-rigged on our custom ‘Donkey Stopper” weedless hooks, it can be burned across the surface to entice an aggressive strike or twitched and paused around structure. The realistic profile with flappin’ legs creates noise and splash, enticing even the weariest fish!


    Size _ 40mm (1.5″) |  Hook 1/0  |  Pcs/pk _ 4

    Size _ 65mm (2.5″) |  Hook 5/0 |  Pcs/pk _ 3

  • Introducing the brand new Chasebaits GUTSY MINNOW Jerkbait range. These unique hardbody minnows come in 3 great sizes 60mm, 80mm and 100mm with deep and shallow models available. Features include custom Chasebaits eyes, unique 3D soft side fins and Japanese Decoy trebles. In addition, each pack includes stick-on lead weights which allow anglers to tune these lures from slow floating to suspending or sinking depending on water type and fishing style.




    Using the latest and very best technologies, the most life-like CRAW has been created. Apart from its incredibly detailed body, The MUDBUG is made of tough TPE material, and features a customised ultra sharp hook with wire weed guard, and a weighted egg sack.

    The MUDBUG can be fished in a number of ways; let it sit on the bottom in the defensive position, dead stick, or slow crawl on your favourite structure. The MUDBUG is an ultra realistic presentation too irresistible to refuse! 6 colours available in 70mm and 95mm.

  • The Smuggler is a water blooping, rattling, walker with an incredible life-like swimming bird action. Fitted with a long trailing tail to simulate tail feathers, a matching head feather and colours to imitate the most common birds that big fish feed on. As The Smuggler walks, the wings will splash and make a very noticeable blooping noise while the wide body action will attract the attention of any nearby fish. Matched with Ultra strong BKK hooks and an extremely robust body, The Smuggler is ready for battle.

  • Is it a Tadpole, Fish or Mouse ?? No! It’s the WIGGLE BOMB. Designed to give an incredible Wiggle tail action on the drop, a nice leg kicking action on the retrieve and a bonus weedless setup for those that want to fish deep into the weeds and snags. The WIGGLE BOMB has an ultra-life like creature swimming action, is extremely durable and can be fished many ways. Keep the rod tip high and use it like a Wake Bait, let it fill with water and fish deep or just slow roll it through snags and drop it down ledges. Present something different and TURN THE FISH ON.

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