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  • All the CHASEBAITS TPE Safe Trays can store both TPE and Non-TPE lures. The main difference is these trays are made from a unique material that will not react with your TPE lures. If you store Non-TPE lures in the same tray as TPE lures it is critical they cannot touch each other. Store them in a separate compartment. If they do touch each other they will melt together and each lure will be ruined.

    TPE stands for ThermoPlastic Elastomer… Commonly known as 10X or Elaztech (Zman terminology), it is buoyant, extremely tough and roughly 10 times more resistant than PVC baits to nicks, cuts and tears…

    We have taken the guess work out of storing your lures, by creating these TPE Safe Tackle Trays to help keep your prized baits in optimum condition and to help you keep up the Chase!

    All these trays feature Waterproof sealsHeavy duty latches and made from Shock Resistant materials.

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